Princess Ivory’s “Sacred Space” experience

Princess told me that she was going to make a slide show for Second Arts of her visit to “Reflections on Sacred Space,” and here it is:

It makes me feel so good to know that someone had that type of experience in the build. I doubt I could construct anything more personal.

Time to go on walkabout

Continuing the theme of “What’s your SLpurpose?” and sensing ongoing change in my RL circumstances that will likely impact my SL world in unexpected ways…I find myself reflecting more and more on what that means. This whole idea of SLpurpose really hits home with me. My “Reflections on Sacred Space” build probably was a manifestation of this curiosity, but I hadn’t placed it in proper context.

Now, however, I think that post (along with the resulting comments) has me putting things in perspective. So many souls, wandering through their second lives, trying to figure out exactly why they are there…what they are supposed to do or be. Until RL pressures forced me to move along Oyster Bay, I had that SLpurpose down cold. Now, I have no idea.

I caught an episode of Lost this week, one where the mysterious Dharma figure encourages John Locke (the character, not the philosopher) to go on walkabout in a flashback. The term “walkabout” has many meanings, but I’ll take it to mean “nomadic excursions into the bush made by an Aborigine.” (The Australian theme to the term appears to work in context of the show; in fact, Locke even tried to go with Melbourne Walkabout Tours in an earlier episode.)

And it hit me. Much as the Locke character was a bit “lost” in his direction, I sense that Morris Vig is a bit lost. So perhaps the walkabout isn’t a bad way to go. And I got started yesterday, visiting the l’Arc de Triomphe and l’Tour Eiffel in the Sacre Bleu sim:

So, yes, it’s time to capitalize on the (hopefully forthcoming) sales of the Oyster Bay properties to hit the road, see what there is to see and hopefully find my SLpurpose in the process. I plan on looking for art and creativity in all of their many forms but likely will find much, much more in the process. I’m not sure where it will lead me, or how long it’ll take…but rest assured, I’ll share my progress with all of you.

UPDATE: Today’s walkabout led me to the Statue of Liberty (where my snapshot had a horrible “grid” treatment applied against the WindLight sky), futile attempts to find meaningful versions of the Great Wall of China, India, Tunisia and Casablanca, and this shot from a brief stop in Virtual Africa:

Walkabout in Virtual Africa

While the scene was reasonably pretty, the only moving part of the scene was the oversized dragonfly that you see above me. This was a bit of a downer, considering that the sim was filled with (static) animals. Also, there was this avatar flying aimlessly around in a hot air balloon…not exactly the most serene place I’ve been. And there are better African-themed sims, too.

(If you want a great African steppe sim, look up Avaria on your SL map. There are a handful of Avaria sims, all linked together. They’re very well done.)

Continuing the audio love

Some things deserve to be repeated:

Anji Bee has a GREAT podcast, known as “The ChillCast,” where she brings a new set of great “chill” songs to the fore and makes the world aware of some fantastic artists.

I’ve taken to listening to Anji’s podcasts while cruising around Second Life. So relaxing, so enjoyable.

Here’s hoping she (and Ryan Lum, who together comprise Lovespirals) plays in Second Life again soon!  I’d love to hear a live set from these two.