Oyster Bay parcels for sale

That’s right. Teleport on over to check out the fantastic parcels in both the Oyster and Shepherd sims. Lots of SL history was made on these great waterfront properties.

I’m not leaving SL…just looking to spread my wings a little creatively and thought that a change of venue might do the old Viggy some good.

The large “RFL Build site” in the adjoining Shepherd sim could also be for sale – IM me (Morris Vig) and let me know your offer.

Good luck!

UPDATE: The 4 parcels for sale include:

  • Oyster main parcel (10,720 sq m, 2,453 prims, teleport)
  • Oyster prim farm (7,040 sq m, 1,611prims, teleport)
  • Shepherd main parcel (13,776 sq m, 3,153 prims, teleport)
  • Shepherd prim farm (3,136 sq m, 721 prims, teleport)

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