Quadrapop Tree Gallery Artists’ Salons

From Saturday 10 May the Quadrapop Tree Gallery in Pelinor will be hosting fortnightly artitsts’ Salons.

Topics of conversation will range; from discussing the work of artists currently on display in the gallery; to how to make art in sl; to what constitutes art in SL; to art theory; and gallery opperations – anything and everything to do with art in sl could be considered. Guest speakers will be invited on a regular basis.

If you think this would be the kind of event that is suitable to be advertised through your group, friends list or personal contacts  please feel free to spread the word.

The first Salon will address what people would like to consider in upcoming Salons and also look at the works of Manx Wharton whose images will be on display at the Gallery.

Quadrapop Tree Gallery
Fortnightly from Saturday 10 May 5pm-7pm SLT
No cover charge
All welcome – you dont need to be an artist, just have some interest in the arts in SL

Thank you for your time,
Quadrapop Lane