What’s your SLpurpose?

A worthwhile question, indeed.

As for me, I’m in that in-between period – I think.  Going to have to spend some more time on this one…

5 Responses

  1. Is that anything like Steve Martin’s “special purpose”?

  2. “I’m in the phone book!” (Morris Vig lets me post on his blog.) 🙂

    Princess Ivory

  3. Thanks for a great question. Amazingly, a few of my friends and I have been pondering this very question. As in RL, finding your purpose is sooo important to self fulfillment. Although I love the art scene in SL, and have my toes dabbling in a few things going on, I still haven’t found a clear purpose. Maybe that is because I haven’t found one in RL yet either. Who knows. SL to me is an extension of RL, so a purpose to me would probably cross over into both worlds. Be it art, charity, friends, etc.
    I get bored so often in SL. Friends are out doing other things, not in the mood to go to galleries and be in crowds, or build (hehe, like I do that anyway!) So why stay in SL? Interesting question indeed!! Thanks for keeping up a great blog here Morris 🙂

  4. Soon young Morris, you will notice your shoulders broaden, your voice will crack and then deepen, and you’ll notice some patches of hair where you didn’t have hair before. It’s all okay. These changes are normal.

    As for me: I’m living a fast paced SL life it seems. i just relocated my entire company and shop within 24 hrs. i had to buy a new computer to do it. So I now have a core 2 duo, 4gb, with graphics accelerator. SL is GREAT!!! now, anytime someone says “wow it’s laggy” I respond and say, “its all working great for me” hahahaha… anyway, so I relocated to Slim Warrior’s island right next to menorca. She came in to save the day for me as I was losing my land. Meanwhile, Isolde and I were talking about me buying her second arts land, but worked it with Slim AND Isolde sold her land. so congrats to both of us. I love it when things all just work out for the good of everything.

    meanwhile.. I been been blogposting on my blog alot,also got DJ Jenns as a new contributor.

    and, we raised over $100000L at the Relay Raiders Rave for the Cure a few days ago!!!

    so, morris, when ya gonna have your friends over to hang out?

  5. I’m with Morris and Gracie. I’m in that in-between place. Not sure what I’m doing here. My photography is enjoyable, but is it enough to keep me here? I can’t decide. And do I really need to own all that land? What am I going to do with it?

    And Gracie, I get bored a lot too, so I hear you on that one.

    Sigh. I think we’re still teenagers experiencing growing pains. Let’s just have fun finding our way, and someday Doubledown will let us hang out with the cool grownups.

    Princess Ivory

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