What’s your SLpurpose?

A worthwhile question, indeed.

As for me, I’m in that in-between period – I think.  Going to have to spend some more time on this one…

Nice 3D SpaceNavigator offer from Linden Lab & Logitech

In case you don’t check the Second Life website that often, here’s a reason for you to do so in May…

From May 1 through May 31, purchase a 3D SpaceNavigator mouse and get a Logitech ClearChat headset for free. The 3D SpaceNavigator, which I really enjoy using, is available for as low as $59 (not including shipping) depending on your configuration. I have the $59 equivalent – the Personal Edition – and it suits me just fine inworld.

So, if you’re at a place in your “second life” where you are ready to take the plunge and add more technical tools to enhance your experience, the combination of a nice headset (with microphone for voice chat) and the 3D SpaceNavigator is a good deal.

(Thanks to Linden Lab for letting me link to their product graphics. I figured they wouldn’t mind, seeing as I’m trying to feed them business.)