Got my 3d SpaceNavigator control

I just got my new 3d SpaceNavigator PE (Personal Edition) tonight when I got home from work, and I’ve spent the better part of the evening playing with it.

Early impressions – It’ll be easy to manipulate sooner than I thought. The combination of camera control and motion control in 1 unit take a little getting used to.

However, the flycam component makes it all worthwhile. This is THE machinima tool of the ages. It is SO smooth and simple to use…just a matter of getting the hang of the control and really MASTERING it.

In an effort to show off its potential, I ran over to Lukas Mensing’s Lauk’s Nest build in Alviso sim and grabbed some footage of Cheen Pitney’s classic “Eagle in Flight” scuplture. Being suspended in the air, I could grab shots from a number of angles. While this looks like a number of “scenes,” it was really one long take that my Roxio software split up.

[ ?posts_id=839874&dest=-1]

Enjoy! Hope to show you more (and better) machinima in the days ahead.

2 Responses

  1. very cool video Morris, you made the bird look majestic and glorious

  2. Nice video Morris, shows what it can do really well.

    I sometimes use the joystick flycam, which as far as I can tell does the same as this device. Here’s an exhibition tour I made using it –


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