ARTHOLE shows how to get media for Second Life art

Nebulosis Severine and Arahan Claveau have been working toward the opening of their ARTHOLE gallery space in Second Life for some time, and their success in gaining attention will be well-deserved. Neb just posted the PDF of the media package that they’re circulating to promote coverage of their opening. This is VERY well done, much better than anything I did while running Oyster Bay.

One of the most popular events that I hosted at Oyster Bay was an ArtTalk on “Success in SL Art.” While I raelly had hoped to talk about success as an intrinsic notion, where we try to define success in a world where goods and space are transient and the overseers of the grid appear to have no demonstrable interest in protecting intellectual property rights. The audience, however, was largely interested in financial outcomes, as in “Help me figure out why a scan of my RL wall art isn’t selling.” So we went down that road.

Let’s consider this post as a continuation of that very topic. Page by page, I’ll explain after the fold why the media package is so well done. It’s not rocket science…just common sense.

Before we make the jump, let’s be clear that the media packet is powerful because has something substantial behind it…good artists making what looks like unique artwork. I look forward to swinging by when ARTHOLE opens.

  • The cover gives the who, what, where and when. Links abound, to the images, the SLURL for the gallery and the emails of the artists. All tied up with the compelling bow of a provocative graphic that invites the reader to continue on. A reporter/writer could read that page alone and do the bare bones of the gallery.
  • Page 2 gives a little background on the project, but not a book. Two more fascinating graphics. I can see the reporter right now: “Hmmm…this isn’t just another reproduction of some RL-wannabe gallery. Looks kinda different. Perhaps worth writing about? And what’s with that white thing – is it an architectural design or an art piece? Guess I’ll need to visit…”
  • Page 3 starts the page by dissing “flat art” (something I probably do more than I should), then backs it up with perhaps the most intriguing image. In addition, it uses the page to introduce the guest artist concept, making the image fit the theme of the page.
  • Page 4 does the cleanup work on the gallery, talking about operating philosophy and community-building efforts of the gallery. Neb and Arahan have put a little thought into their space and what they want to accomplish.
  • Page 5 is Neb’s SL resume. Projects and dates. Note the press photo as well. (Neb’s a little discriminating on the list, too, as she passed on mentioning her involvement in the Doubledown Tandino-organized DeepSexyCool show in 2007.)
  • Page 6 is Arahan’s SL reume. Projects, dates and press photo. Same format as Neb’s. Consistency in presentation of information is a good thing.
  • Page 7 is Ichibot Nishi’s SL resume as guest artist at ARTHOLE. Same as before. No special treatment, consistent and clean.
  • Page 8 offers 2 links, one to Neb’s blog and one to Arahan’s. That’s all. Reporters, check it out if you’re interested.

And that’s it. A very simple, 8-page description of the people and the project that can be distributed two weeks prior to the opening. It doesn’t beat people over the head with their tale…it lets the work speak for itself.

Many, many Second Life artists – even talented ones – could learn from this piece. Bravo, Arahan and Neb! Good luck on your opening!

3 Responses

  1. Hi Morris,

    Glad you like the Press Pack, thanks for the recognition. Look forward to seeing you in the gallery.


  2. Excellent post Morris. When it’s done right, it’s done right, and the people know it. Word spreads, things happen… when you do it right.

    And very cool to see how people’s paths in SL have developed into such amazing things.

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