A Second Arts Flickr group?

Hey all, I’ve been busy getting my photos organized and have put many of them up on Flickr. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of Second Life-oriented Flickr groups and joined a few of them. Which got me thinking…would a Second Arts Flickr group be something people might be interested in participating in? There seems to be a reasonably healthy community of interest around Second Life-generated artwork, so it could be a nice way to share our creativity. Or would it be just another thing that some people do in passing?

I’d love to get my readers’ take on this. Leave a comment with your thoughts!

2 Responses

  1. Second Arts…. hmmm…. have you trademarked/service marked that name yet? You should, you know. (I am serious).

    So if I am understanding this correctly, it would be a Flickr group for art creatd entirely in the metaverse, as opposed to somone’s uploaded copies of their RL art? Is it still ok to use Photoshop on it, though, for cropping and some minor special effects?

    I think it sounds cool, and it’s not that much more work to share out an image I upload to one more group while I’m at it. I’m in favor, and will participate if you do it.

    Princess Ivory

  2. I’m all for a Second Arts group on Flikr…. but another option is to use the SL Art flickr groups already there, and then we tag all our photos with secondarts. They do have some nifty art related flickr groups already. but yeah, if you start up a secondarts flickr group, im in

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