Relaxing in Visit Mexico’s new Ruta Maya sim

I saw news of this new sim come across a blog and had to go check it out. I absolutely love the Yucatan peninsula in RL…and the builders did a great job with this sim, offering a fantast mini-recreation of the ruins of Tulum to accompany their recreation of Chichen Itza in an adjoining sim. Another laudable development since the last time I was at Visit Mexico’s inworld presence is the addition of a bilingual, native DJ and local music. If I let myself get lost in the place, it’s like I’m back in Mexico. Any chips and salsa sitting around?
posted by Morris Vig on Mexico 2 using a blogHUD : [blogHUD permalink]

One Response

  1. Wow- early retirement seems to agree with you! That’s a great picture.

    Princess Ivory

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