IBM’s “gated” SL communities

IBM announced that they will be hosting private sims on the SL grid, but on their servers in their server farms.  Personally, I couldn’t care less.  Let the business-types mingle amongst themselves, which is somewhat in line with what Dusan Writer says.

If it hadn’t been for this post by Ian Hughes at eightbar, I probably wouldn’t have even posted on this topic.   Specifically:

There is a lot to this and one key thing is that it is not the only thing we are doing still. Interoperability is still key, having various instances of virtual worlds and intergrating them to one another and to the enterprise are key. Services Oriented Architecture is the industry word for the pattern.

None the less it will be exciting to work out how to persists and share services across an internal Second Life grid and Active Worlds and IQ Metaverse and Forterra and…..

Likewise the flow of how we transition from being on an intranet grid to a public grid and back again.

Now, THAT is interesting.  I’m an SL guy through and through, but the abstract notion of making these “competing” platforms link up…and make it work…is something that perhaps IBM will be doing us all a favor by figuring out.

(Hughes also promoted his Twitter account as a means to have dialogue.  He’s talking lots of nuts and bolts.  Interesting, interesting stuff.)

2 Responses

  1. I believe this is a great step…. I think what’s coming are some very very big things. I don’t think Phil wants to lose his SL baby… but I could potentially see LL becoming an umbrella corp of IBMs…

    but what I like about all this is that opensim stuff is moving forward… soon people will be hosting their own servers/land/islands, and connecting into the world of Second Life … OR … have people log into their own private world off the SL grid. I think all this is cool upcoming stuff.

  2. I’m really excited about it as well Doubledown – let the corporate people do their corporate things behind their firewalls, I’ll even join them now and then when I’m wearing my suit and tie. Plus, I have to say, having chatted with the IBM people at the conference, they really really struck me as a bunch of people who love SL, are excited, and have an aw-shucks enthusiasm. Having said that, I also asked them what their plans were, and one of them said “Honestly? To make lots of money. But we’re having a blast along the way.”

    And that struck me as about one of the nicest things I heard anyone say at that conference, and if you follow my Slippcat rant you’ll understand why.

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