If LL is taking ‘SL’, I am taking ‘DD’…. More on Brand Madness

As Morris posted HERE, LL wants their eyeball hand all to themselves, and wants no one to ever infringe upon the words “second” and “life” together.

Disclaimer: This picture posted in this blog in no way reflects anything to do with the company known as “Linden Lab” and the product “Second Life” Furthermore, this “Second Arts” blog is in no way officially connected with “Second Life” or “Linden Lab”. ….(sigh) …. Further furthermore… Doubledown Tandino is not the one in the picture wearing the TShirts. ….. fuuuuuuuuurthermore, “Second Life”& “Linden Lab” are cool, and this blog, and the readers, and Doubledown Tandino are in no way affiliated with “Second Life” or “Linden Lab” even though we’re the ones making it and they just own the land……

….. I give up….. are we going to have to write disclaimers like this on everything now?????? HELP US?!

Anyway, as a statement, I took it upon myself to make light of the madness and transform it into a violating new TShirt line. IM me inworld and I’ll be happy to give you the first set of 3.

SL Humor Tees - SL Trademark Violation TShirts - 3 Pack

Linden hypocrisy re: intellectual property

From Miss Hera, posted on the JIRA:

“Linden Labs should”, unforturnately isn’t the same as ‘linden labs does”.
Look up the amount of resold stolen item and the percentage of items where linden labs removed the UUID after a DMCA.

I’ve got a nice collection of stolen skins  of which all still work and none have a removed UUID. I ask every supernewbie who wears an expensive brand skin but no other items, to give me a copy of the skin so I can see it is stolen.

So far I’ve got:
Dante – tanned and beard – UUID not removed Alina – 2 versions, UUID not removed
X2 male – UUID not removed
X2 female 2 versions – UUID not removed
FNKY skin – UUID not removed
Envision skin – UUID not removed

All full perms, and all still working. So what does this say about Linden Labs DMCA? They do not remove it.

And more news on the stolen skins front: secondlifes most well known self proven skin thief is back with a new store on the frontpage of the classifieds. He renamed his store to “ATENAS store”, but they still are affiliated with the “help brazil” group an the well known “rubnet olivier” is still the owner. Just so you know, this is the same store as the one previously called “SOUL”

Nice, Linden Lab.  Protect your own intellectual property, but leave your residents’ content exposed to theft and don’t give them the power to correct the measure.   Stay classy.

Brand madness

Linden Lab announced a new policy on the use of its trademarked brandReuters regurgitates it here.

Raul Crimson is confused by it.   The Secondlife Newspaper (Good luck keeping that name on your publication!) offers a wee bit of insight that sanity could prevail.  Vint Falken suggests both the silliness and the reality of the situation.  New World Notes runs down the wider blog reaction.

I saw the notice last night and posted my “Legalese” page at the top of the blog.  Hope that covers the bases.

For my money, though, Wrestling Hulka has the best response.

(Anyone want to guess that Richard Minsky/Artworld Market’s trademarking of the term SLART might have been a precipitating factor?)

Linux News writeup on the Second Life art culture

Props to ECT News Service, who offers this nice overview of the Second Life art world, including quotes from ArtWorld Market, Filthy Fluno, Sabine Stonebender and DanCoyote Antonelli.  Filthy and DanCoyote do a pretty good job self-promoting, but I always appreciate that ArtWorld gives Sabine well-deserved props for being one of SL’s true visionary artists.  Check out this excerpt from the article:

In SLART, Minsky calls Stonebender’s Zero Point development “one of the Seven Wonders of SL … a sci-fi fantasy psychedelic Op Art installation sculpture that … [is] an amusement park … with illusions of infinite depth.” Minsky took me on a tour: Zero Point is practically indescribable. Swooping, falling, environment after environment washes over, under and around Minsky’s avatar; textured tunnels rich in chiaroscuro, lush with color, ornate with detail and form, provide sensory overload on every level.


Morris Vig is….. Johnny Law

I wanted to send a little props (and kudos, bumps, pokes, or whatever other social network harassment things I could do) to Morris Vig for making it on to Virtually Blind, a blog focusing on legal matters relating to virtual worlds.

The issues are profound. The need for Linden Lab to recognize their responsibility to their customer base is undeniable.

So when’s something meaningful going to happen? What needs to happen for Philip Rosedale and his band of Lindens to step up and recognize that they (and they alone) have the tools to ensure Second Life’s primacy for months, if not years, to come?

Reflections on Sacred Space

“Just in time for Easter…” (sounds like a used car ad, or a bad movie trailer, doesn’t it?) I finally finished this project that I’ve been working on for some time. Here’s a copy of the notecard, as well as a couple photos to whet your appetite. Stop by and experience it for yourself.

Reflections on Sacred Space

Reflections on Sacred Space
Morris Vig
March 2008

Like all of my more artistic builds, I created this space in my early effort to build “that mansion I have always dreamed of.” Of course, it didn’t turn out that way.

I started dabbling heavily into WindLight SL photography and began to wonder about building a structure where the textures were not the focus of attention – but instead the sky settings determined the experience. So I created this structure, one where there is plenty of room for the sky to play a role in the build but also where light can reflect off the many pillars and angles. The sculptures around the edge of the room are my constructions as well; I changed their textures to white to provide even more interesting surfaces. I encourage you to explore your windlight settings and find a visualization that works best for you.

Once the build was done – and it was great fun, building a modernist “church” construction without any of the architectural trappings and icons of religion – I realized that I had created a space that inspired an exploration of one’s spirituality…a sacred space that could speak to people of all faiths and beliefs.

This concept of spirituality in virtual space has been a recurring concept for some time – it’s probably the one area I greatly wanted to explore with Oyster Bay and sadly never got to. It’s worth exploring the reasons that we are in a virtual world. Many of us come here for retreat or escape, some for recreation. I might suggest that some are looking for something more…a sense of spiritual peace.

Elros - “Future Vision”So I turned this white build into just that…a place where you can explore those core thoughts of spirituality, and what it means to be in touch with yourself and your higher power – whatever that may be. Please feel free to grab a pillow and enjoy elros Tuominen’s great works of SL sculpture (especially “Future Vision,” which glows brightly as the focal point of the build…an amorphous light that conjures up images of the relationship that one may have with their God).

If you’re lucky enough to be here when others are too, please ask before engaging in conversation. Some are here for the peace and quiet that is offered. But if the conversation is there to be had, why not talk through some of these larger issues. What is the role of spirituality in our Second Lives? How does it manifest itself? What affect does it have on you, both in SL and in RL?

Enjoy the build, and soak in the experience that it offers. It has been a pleasure to share this evolving vision with you.

My WhiteOut by Vig photos

As promised, here’s the background on my new WhiteOut by Vig WindLight sky preset along with some examples.

It started toward the beginning of March, when Isolde Flamand and I were watching a classical violinist. The pavilion was filled, so we parked ourselves up on a hillside to watch the performance. Because she had a prim skirt on, Isolde didn’t want to sit…her avi looked particularly striking standing on top of the hill, so we started an impromptu photo shoot.

I started playing with WindLight settings as I am wont to do, and my last tweak resulted in the image you see below this . I don’t believe I saved this exact setting, but it clearly was the precursor for the WhiteOut preset.  I really like that shot.  Note that the only post-snapshot editing done on the photo was to square it off.

Isolde Flamand - Early WhiteOut photo

Over the next couple days,  I kept playing with this concept of a “White Out” in the background with very soft foreground.  It resulted in the WhiteOut by Vig setting.  Here are a few of my photos from the shoot that I took using my avatar as the model.  A couple of the shots were taken at Sabine Stonebender’s Zero Point – a seasoned SL explorer will notice the glowing colors in the background.

I hope you enjoy playing with the WhiteOut by Vig setting!  If you happen to install it, IM me in-world and let me know how the photos work out for you.