Mr. Rosedale goes to Washington

He who represents This World That Cannot Be Named is going to testify before Congress tomorrow and try to explain Second Life to an institution where one of their own thinks we all work with a series of tubes. Good luck, Phil. (And kudos to SL avatar Larry Pixel, whose RL owner is also going to talk some sense into Congress as head of the New Media Consortium.)

Seriously, what’s the over-under on the number of minutes until Rep. Dingell starts talking about taxation of virtual world activity? I say 27 minutes if the issue is not attacked head-on in Dingell’s opening statement…which is a distinct possibility.

One Response

  1. Mr. Dingell wasn’t present; this was a subcommittee hearing. And it went off well, for the most part; not even a mention of tax proposals.

    If they get around to putting up the archive of the stream promptly, I think it should be here.

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