Rosedale: I want the near-impossible CEO candidate

Philip Rosedale, Second Life czar (Is he still CEO? Is he now Chairman?), sets the bar REAL HIGH as he kicks off his search for a new CEO for Linden Lab:

In describing the skills he was looking for in his replacement, Rosedale said the new chief should already be a passionate user of Second Life. They also have to be “a great coach” who will work well with Linden’s staff.

“And they have to have complementary skill sets to mine,” he said. “Because I’m staying and will still be involved.”

Experience operating in a global information technology market is necessary. Rosedale pointed to Second Life’s large non-American resident population and the company’s confusion last year as it began to charge VAT to European Second Life users.

An existing user? With those skills? Why not just sell out to IBM…it would be easier, and Sam Palmisano has already been inworld…

3 Responses

  1. But Morris, YOU have those skills. I nominate you for the new SL CEO. All in favor, say “aye!”

    Princess Ivory

    PS – and just when you thought you’d broken free of administrative fetters in order to pursue art. You should have known better. 🙂

  2. And yet, according to the same Reuters article:

    [Rosedale] also said the new CEO would have the freedom to change elements of Linden’s quirky culture.

    “Companies always talk about the fear of losing their culture because parts of their culture are lame,” he said. “It would be inconsistent of me to bring someone in and say ‘Listen, buddy, you have to use the love machine.'”

    Doesn’t that rather suggest to you that, just perhaps, things aren’t as insane and doomed to die as may be believed…?

    I have not yet, in the time I’ve been on the Grid, seen anything that would make me believe that Second Life is broken and terminal. Of course, Your Mileage May Vary, but I have to stand by my own judgment on this. I’ll let matters develop, and call the events as they come.

  3. Granted, I have a pretty dim view of Linden Lab for a handful of key strategic errors, like:

    1. Allowing anonymous, unpaid accounts, which facilitated the easy expansion of the griefer business and intellectual property theft
    2. No action AT ALL on the JIRA for the 900+ vote request to stop content theft
    3. Open sourcing the viewer, which has the same effect as the anonymous, unpaid accounts
    4. Grid instability (which is slowly improving, in spite of Dusan Writer’s crappy week)
    5. Ham-handed customer communications, especially on the European Value Added Tax rollout

    Some of it can be chalked up to growing company blues, but some are deliberate decisions amounting to intentionally smashing your hand in the car door.

    Rosedale clearly has to accept his share of blame for this stuff, as he was/is the head of this company.

    Linden Lab is not dead, nor is it dying. Its moves HAVE placed it in a precarious position, leaving it open to greater user discomfort and outside competition (Some of which is using derivations of its own platform! How insane is that?).

    It’s not about Love Machines. It’s about smart decision-making.

    That being said, I wouldn’t be totally opposed to IBM buying out Linden Lab. I bet we would have a more stable grid right quick…

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