We can’t let feelings like this be left on the JIRA, can we?

For those who don’t know the Linden Lab product improvement system, the JIRA… It’s the main system by which Linden Lab customers vote on the importance of improving different technical glitches in the Second Life software. Users can file JIRA reports with suggestions or complaints. Other users then vote on the different items, giving weight to the significance of the technical issues to be addressed in a triage-like environment. Linden Lab employees (using their suspect “Tao of Linden” as a guide…because customers’ needs aren’t the most important thing to consider when making improvements, right?) then select issues that are of importance to the voting user base. If you haven’t signed up for the JIRA and made your voice heard as a Second Life resident, you are missing out on a chance to guide the future development of Second Life.

Except in the world of intellectual property, because Linden Lab doesn’t care about that issue. Gwyn’s blog (previously referred to) already made mention of this point.

I’ve been following the omnibus content theft issue (SVC-676, if you care) on the JIRA since Gwyn posted on it, and some user comments have really struck me. Of particular interest was this one, which was posted today:

AC Pfeffer commented on SVC-676:


For heavens sake – there are almost 1000 votes on this entry!!! How many do you need to deal with it? !!!

This is RIDICULOUS SERVICE to your content creators … you are basically kicking them in the soft spot ! :((

And irresponsible … you helped and allowed this monster to be created , now put the effort in to deal with it!

Damn-it this will be the downfall of SL …. apart from the existing alternative games, I know of a new one being built on the FARCRY engine which is targetting SL right between the eyes, that has 100% built in protection for its content creators.

Same as eBay has now become known as greed-bay and has initiated its own death, this was SL’s chosen downfall.


Indeed. And I’d love to know what those big promises of two years ago were.

Mark my words, this notion of protecting the intellectual property of the users will be the deal-breaker in the development of Second Life as it stands today. Linden Lab could simply revoke the users’ creative rights and collapse the Second Life economy – making Second Life a very different place than it is today. The economy as currently envisioned, though, likely won’t stand as long as places like the “Free Shop” exist. As Ziggy Quirk said in this powerful YouTube video, Second Life’s creative class will eventually leave….either for another provider who will protect their works as AC indicates or a private grid using OpenSim where at least their property won’t get ripped off.

If you care about this issue, log onto the JIRA and add your voice to the hundreds who have…and are currently being ignored by Linden Lab.

4 Responses

  1. Second Life News for March 17, 2008

    From: Vint Falken RL Hologram from a Second Life avatar Quote from the site – Really fun, what Christian Contini did: he took a Second Life avatar, and photographed this avatar under different angles. This photo source material ended up as a first life…

  2. Business in Second Life has several other problems as serious as the current content theft issues. Presently, within the world, there is no item decay or limitations of use. This, coupled with a near zero cost of production, assures that eventually there will be enough free or near free items that users of the service will have very little need to purchase anything.

    Even if all content theft could be stopped AND every stolen item was removed from the database there will still be many skilled designers who create items and release them as 100% free gifts to the Second Life community. Additionally, many designers lower prices on older items to free or near free levels as a reward for customer loyalty or to attract new customers.

    In time the number of legitimately free items will grow so large that purchases will seldom if ever be required.

    A flawed business model, perhaps? The greater question is that of how long Linden Labs has been aware of this eventuality and why they haven’t taken steps to slow or prevent it.

  3. Production costs in SL are not ‘nearly zero’. There’s the cost of the designer’s time. That’s what’s being stolen.

    And there’ll always be new stuff to design. Clothes are a case in point. I want new clothes all the time, and if I want to get quality stuff I have to buy.

    The business model isn’t flawed. Linden’s response to theft of people’s designs is.

  4. Also, the problem is that the exploit that allows the extraction of textures is NOT a SL exploit, but rather a Open GL exploit, but good luck getting noisy bloggers to realise that GASP! Something may not be Linden Lab’s fault, and their doomsday prophecies may not be all it seems.

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