Jennifer Hana – “Sculptie” artist and designer

It’s been a while since I have been able to get out and look around at artists in SL. I DO look at Snapzilla a fair bit, though, to get a sense of the Second Life scene. I was particularly taken with this photo by Jennifer Hana…

Intriguing. Clearly, that was a bed in the foreground, but the drape on the bedcover and impressive textures on the walls, floor and ceiling indicated that this was a talented designer. So I looked around the store (Snapzilla offers direct SLURL-based teleports to the places where the photos were taken), was floored by what I saw and soon found myself teleported to the Sculptmix art studio. And look what I found!

Clearly this was a talent. The pieces were so well made, their texturing and gentle kinetic scripting were so well placed. So I snatched up a number of pieces and committed to writing a profile of Jennifer. In the course of a fantastic evening where we teleported around from place to place to place that she has built, she showed me her incredible world. I asked Jennifer to add a couple thoughts on her style, and you can read what she said after the fold:

I love art, especially installation art.

I started playing SL a year and seven months ago. And SL enables me to express myself and create new forms of art that are not possible in RL. I want to make artworks in the SL environment as a creative medium with possibilities that don’t exist in RL.

I’m highly concerned about ecological issues, therefore this concern might reflect in my art works.

I want to create installation art on the theme of nature and the environment and to add the element of mystery to my cosmic artworks. I’m currently trying to express my idea about ecological issues through art.

And I’ve been creating various kinds of resort style, low prim furniture.

The concept of my store,”Sculptmix” is the fusion of art and interior space with a healing theme.

Jennifer Hana

One incredible example of her building prowess is this entry in a building contest…try teleporting here to see if it’s still around:

Lastly, Jennifer’s Sculptmix store. Her work is just incredible – the sign of a talented graphic designer (and she apparently is one in RL)! As one who isn’t that great at the small details, it’s fascinating to see how professionals like Jennifer make their builds look so perfect with just minor touches here and there.

I strongly suggest that you check out Jennifer’s work – be it her artistic constructions, her furniture stores or her great buildings.

Oh, she’s an impressive SL photographer, too – check out her Snapzilla-tagged work. She has quite the eye.

Thank you, Jennifer, for making such a fine contribution to Second Life!

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  1. I discovered Jennifer’s talent though her build of the Plumeria Resort. Since then I’ve endeavored to support (by buying her work) and promote her talent via my flickr. Long may she continue exercising her skills in SL and I am so glad someone else has taken the trouble to review and promote her.

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