An appreciation of AM Radio

Once again, it’s time to discuss AM Radio and how much I appreciate his artistic vision. This is the man who brought us the wheatfields and turned it into a successful fundraiser for Heifer International – turning prims into real cows for people who need them. He also created a place where people could explore their own creativity…like I did when dropping my Multicolor Twist into his build:

He now literally has built on the generosity of Callipgian Christensen to create “The Refuge and The Prospect,” a sim-sized build bringing together so many of his creative notions.

(Jump over to the flip side and see what this creative guy is doing now – you won’t regret it!)

Photo by Marianne McCann

Photo by Nand Nerd

Now I’ve learned that AM has taken advantage of the WindLight Second Life viewer and created a custom WindLight setting that you can install on your PC, Nostalgia. No kidding, you can now see the world through AM’s unique, sepia-toned glasses. Bettina Tizzy did when visiting the Innsmouth Island Airship Tower in the steampunk Vernian Sea (which looks like a fantastic build, regardless of the viewer!), and look at the results:

Photo by Bettina Tizzy

I had the opportunity to spend an evening hanging out with AM Radio a while back and learned that he has a remarkably simple philosophy on Second Life. It is accompanied by a corresponding clarity in artistic vision. And all of Second Life is better for his being a part of our community.

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