Starting fresh

There’s a certain joy in the art of the build when playing with SL tools.  First, nearly ANYTHING is possible.  (Especially when one has the prims that the Oyster Bay properties in Shepherd and Oyster sims combine to become…)  You want glass, do glass.  You want big, do big.  You want to go tall, go tall.  You are limited by your imagination.

At the same time, that total freedom is a bit of a challenge in itself to those of us who don’t think like Sabine Stonebender.  It’s almost easier sometimes to create with a couple constraints.  My best builds have come from smartly using small spaces like the Oyster Bay waterfront cafe (right).

That being said, I’m playing with glass…and with the idea of a skyscraper.  I’ve always wanted a cool penthouse apartment…this seems like a good way to get one!

(Thanks to Isolde Flamand for posting the photo on Snapzilla) 

It’s been a challenging build – probably more because my skills have atrophied a little since my last big build, the Parthenon-inspired Oyster Bay 2.0.   I’m floundering a little, not entirely certain that this tower will stay.  Just doesn’t look right, doesn’t feel right. So don’t be surprised if it isn’t re-imagined or scrapped altogether.

Perhaps that’s part of the fun in a virtual reimagining…to throw primmy wet noodles against the wall and see which one(s) stick.   As I wrestle with not being able to do all that I want in SL, my work is reflecting a lot of that tension.

We’ll see where it takes me….my, what an odd few weeks in SL!