Moving along…

The day after the closing bash, I closed up Oyster Bay, returned the artwork and store contents, and removed all but the waterfront and aquarium from Oyster Bay.  Faced with a giant void where a thriving art scene once stood (and no likelihood of building anything meaningful in the near future), I figured that I’d jump on the renewable energy bandwagon and harness the SL winds.  Maybe Linden Lab would like to lower my tier in exchange for some of this virtual windpower…

Thanks to Isolde Flamand for the photo.

One Response

  1. so Morris….are you taking proposals from friends for ideas of what could be built there that you dont have to manage????

    Some ideas:

    1) Freudland. We could solicit all those in SL who spend all their time giving advice and guidance and give them a desk with couch. Charge SL’ers $100 linden per minute for advice they get. Charge double for couples. Furries for free (be kind to animals). All those with problems with their Master or Sub must make appointment with Dr. Dom. Promote Dr Dom all over SL. I can hear the radio spots now!!!

    2) Get Maxy Merlin to set you up with his new cool mirrors. Really…..cooolllll. Capture avis as they arrive.

    3) Set up one large scultpure in the middle and ask all artist to come and add something whenever they want. Sculpturepalooza. Add Music. Light! Cameras!

    Can you tell I miss Oyster already! I definitley miss you.

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