Juria Yoshikawa’s participatory art show

Juria’s at it again, now lighting it up in both the Metaverse and in real life!  This was a collaboration with composer-artist Nnoiz Papp.

Here’s Juria’s description of the show…too cool!

In SL: 02/15, 09:15 slt, part of the CARP3 Show, Diabolus Art Space
In RL: 02/15, 18:15 berlin, a part of the Directors Lounge Festival in Berlin, Scala in Friedrichstr. 112A Berlin-Mitte

Let us suppose that we’re all just a temporary mishmash of dots on a screen. All of our energy, personality and uniqueness is just a collection of bouncing color dots creating seemingly meaningful patterns we call a virtual world. Zoom in and you are a sea of dots with no form. Zoom back and you’re just a spot on the map.

In celebration of all of our dottiness and spottiness, virtual installation artist Juria Yoshikawa will join up with composer-artist Nnoiz Papp to perform “Seeing Spots, Being Dots” at Diabolus Island as part of the current art show CARP3. The performance will be simultaneously shown in real life Berlin at the Scala Theatre as a part of the Directors Lounge Festival.

One Response

  1. Thanks for posting the link to the video, Morris. I wondered how the show would turn out.

    I had answered Bettina’s last minute call for participants – had the costume, had the props, we practiced a little bit and then – I crashed out – and got caught in the major Asset Server work being done that day and couldn’t get back in until the show had ended.

    But Juria told me the show had gone on, so that was very good. Just to participate in the practice was a lot of fun. The video gives just a hint of how fantastic things looked in real time.

    And, hey, I had some attachments to use at the OB closing party and a costume I might wear again one day – after a suitable number of stiff drinks.

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