The WindLight tour hits Black Swan

You knew it had to happen…my spin around Second Life was bound to touch Rezzable‘s Black Swan sim, which features works by Starax Stat—errrrr—–Light Waves.

I’m finding that each space demands its own combinations of light and color.  Some spaces, like the water shot I showed in an earlier post, called for a total oversaturation of light.  The Svarga shot demanded a greater level of haze.  Black Swan, by comparison, forced me to look at how to portray the pastel-like reflections off of many of the pieces.

We’ll start with the Ballerina – where I thought the reaching for the sun had both visual and emotional appeal.


The Lovers Rock is a tough shot to take, largely because Black Swan is too crowded with pieces all around.  It’s hard to get a clean photo of this centerpiece of the sim.  But I think this was a decent attempt, and the stone of the figures contrasts well with the serene water.


This one, Night Dreaming, is an interesting story.  I took a bunch of “head on” shots and found that I didn’t like the surrounding activity in the photo.  So, as I wound up at Black Swan, I doubled back for one last shot.  I scanned around the piece and found this unique angle, which lent itself perfectly to looking into a sunset.


I’ve put a number of my new-ish WindLight shots up at Second Arts Photography in Shepherd.  Four came from Black Swan, but there are some others too.

This was my last shot of the night…a tweak of scene gamma led to this Red Light shot.  A little devilish, don’t you think?