Landscape at Svarga

I hear that Lauk’s leaving SL, so Svarga likely won’t be around for much longer unless Linden Lab figures out that places like this need to be preserved. Anyway, more Windlight training on some of SL’s most beautiful property….
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Charlot Dickins has a blog!

Oooh how exciting…Charlot is one of the SL sculpture world’s brighter lights, first mastering the basic prim…as evidenced by her SL classic polar bears:

…to her latest sculptie-based creations like Marilyn:

…and her Boxer Feeling Blue:

Now she has a blog, Charlot’s Web, and she’s going to tell about her works and how they came about.  Love it…good luck blogging, Charlot!

You probably won’t get rich in SL as an artist, but…why not in RL?

I honestly didn’t expect to see this article

Second Life, the virtual world that mimics the real world, has held art auctions fetching big prices. And curiously “real world” galleries have sold artworks based on online creations — capturing the image, enhancing it and transferring it to canvas. (Those pieces reportedly sold for $10,000 each.)

Wait a minute, could we repeat that?

(Those pieces reportedly sold for $10,000 each.)

Oh. My. God. You can’t be serious.

Virtual Art article

[UPDATE: Another good blog post with more RL insights on SL artwork…]