Pardon the self-portrait

I’m exploring the possibliities with WindLight – and the effects it allows the user to create. I’m playing with oversaturations (Scene Gamma) and blues across the spectrum. Makes my avatar come off as almost Nordic in appearance. WindLight is just incredible…and the newest version appears to be working much better for my PC.
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Ub Yifu’s “Christ the Redeemer”

A towering piece, watching over the RJ City sim like the real statue stands over Rio de Janiero.
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elros’ Tubular Gallery

You never know what you’ll see when you TP in. He’s always got something new and bold waiting for you. elros is one of SL’s great immersive artists. He creates entire experiences.
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Kitesurfing by WindLight

The work that Linden Lab has done with Windlight water and sky never ceases to amaze me. So when I saw this open water sim, I just had to get out the toys and drink in the beauty (while doing some real impressive flips, too!).
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