Reason #234,674,256 why Cheen Pitney is The Man

Gazing upon Cheen’s “Gymnasts” for the first time, I was struck with how much they looked like, “Is It Love.”  So I asked him about it.  Here’s what he said:

 yes, they are part of the art for everyone series, hahahahah, lo prim for lo budgets plus the olympics are coming up

“art for everyone series.”  Too cool.  All of the SL sculpture greats should think like Cheen.

Proof that at least one Linden gets it

From Torley Linden’s BlogHUD today:

The title: I want a future with real people:(

He then continues:

These “green dots” on the map won’t entertain you.

I’m glad to see Torley cementing his reputation as the conscience of Linden Lab.  Perhaps other Linden Labbers feel that way – sadly, they don’t feel strongly enough to do anything about it…

Photos I want to see:

  • Torley in front of a 16 sq m ad tower (preferably with some really skanky photos on it) saying, “I want a future where we have trees, not ads.”
  • Torley in the midst of a griefer shower – preferably the Bill Cosby “Jello” griefer attack or the Super Mario smothering of a sim, saying, “I want a future where I can just enjoy my SLife.”