Cheen Pitney’s “If You Love”

This is the first Second Life sculpture piece I ever bought (OK, not THIS one, but a replica of it…). Also was the first piece ever displayed at Oyster Bay (back before it was a sculpture garden, it was both in my little waterfront house and then down in my underwater “aquarium” space.

I think you can pretty clearly see the resemblance to the new “Gymnasts” at Oyster Bay. I like how Cheen made the adaptation – from the more romantic framing of this piece to the playfulness of the “Gymnasts.”

A real nice piece, and a trip down memory land. I’m so glad to see Cheen going back to his roots with his latest work.
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Cheen Pitney’s “Gymnasts”

Tonight’s SL photo is a no-brainer; Cheen IM’d me and told me he moved his former winged piece out and replaced it with this troupe of gymnasts. Cheen has such a variety of styles, ranging from some of the most realistic work you’ll see in SL to some of the more abstract, like these pieces.

They also remind me of a very early Cheen piece, “If You Love.” Actually, it looks like Cheen went back to “If You Love” and built upon it with the whimsical gymnastic equipment…which is quite fun!

I think I’ll double-feature this and grab a photo of that piece too.
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Morning at Oyster Bay

Here’s a view of the Bay – from a perspective I ususally don’t get! Pulling back and looking at the entire place gives one a sense of the scope of the activity at Oyster Bay.
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