Tateru on content theft

Tateru Nino offers her analysis of the issues surrounding in-world creative content theft (probably inspired by the recent firestorm related to the blatant theft/reselling of skin textures). After an extended overview of the world of content theft, she suggests two points of action:

“Any freebie or full-perm item should only be distributed with the full permission and wishes of the creator, and when it’s reported it needs to be stopped as soon as humanly possible.” — Ziggy Quirk

That action has to take place in a Court of Law, or at the hands of Linden Lab. Linden Lab is faster when they do take action, but they also make mistakes like anyone else. The more so, because they seem to be eternally rushed.

Courts are surer and slower ways to proceed. For those brands and publishers being knocked-off or replicated in the physical world, however, those don’t seem nearly fast enough, and nobody ever seems to make their money back closing down the copiers or distributors.

Quirk is right. Like the paying customer base cares that Linden feels rushed. If I was a victim of theft, I’d feel out of well-deserved money. And I would want fast action.

Sure, courts make sense…if Linden facilitated a relationship base with their customers where those submitting subpoenas for user/IP information were responded to quickly and efficiently. That probably is not the case; as a precedent, note that PayPal handed over their subpoenaed user/IP information to Stroker Serpentine three weeks faster than Linden. Linden Lab’s perpetual “late to the party” approach to inworld legal issues (casinos and inworld banking as examples) makes me think that they’ll have to be dragged into a lawsuit in order to make a policy change. And that is sad.

Much like with griefers, Linden Lab has the golden opportunity to get right with its paying customer base. It can either aggressively respond to issues of content theft much like they do to “region down” reports, or it can put the destructive genie back in the bottle and force anonymous account holders to register themselves. Maybe there’s another option. The point remains – Linden has to perform better on these basic issues.

[UPDATE: New World Notes is kind enough to link to this blog as a source of information re: the skin theft/content theft issue and offers a link to the following YouTube video of the Real Life person behind Ziggy Quirk. Take the time and watch this 8+ minute video. Especially if you’re a Linden Lab employee.]

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