Content piracy on the increase?

Or is it just me?

Photo courtesy of The Looking Glass blogJust today, I saw two highly compelling blog posts on this matter.

Let’s hope that Linden Lab is really serious about cracking down on intellectual property theft. As Linden Lab’s Joe Miller talks about improving the user experience on the technical side, there must be a corresponding improvement on the user experience side. Absent meaningful enforcement of intellectual property rights (which Linden Lab clearly outlines in their policy regarding the Digital Millenium Copyright Act), why would any talented creative mind want to use Second Life as their platform to share with the world?

Once they get their own house under control, what about the scenario outlined in this blog post – where content is snatched out of the Linden-controlled SL grid and put on alternate grids?

Regardless of how mature some business types want to portray this virtual world environment, there is no doubt in my mind that we’re still in the Wild West. The challenge is to our sheriff – Linden Lab – to ensure law and order.

Serve and Protect - Second Life photography by Morris Vig

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