Sunset on the 1st Anniversary

Sunset on the 1st Anniversary of Oyster Bay

As the first anniversary of Oyster Bay came to a close, Isolde and I took a minute to admire the sunset, gaze out over the water and reflect on a great evening – not to mention an incredible year!

Thanks to everyone who was a part of the Oyster Bay experience since the place opened a year ago.  Hopefully, this corner of the Metaverse made your Second Lives that much richer for having experienced it.   There is so much creativity, so much artistic passion in SL – I just was hoping to spotlight a little of it at first.  Now, we have a full-fledged cultural community!

Isolde also surprised me with a folder full of notecards from so many artists and friends of Oyster Bay wishing me well as the place hit this milestone.  I was totally overwhelmed by the kind thoughts expressed by so many friends.  It would be exceedingly self-serving to reprint them, but suffice to say that reading these notecards was one of the more emotional experiences that I’ve had in SL.  Thanks, everyone!

So here’s to 2008 – another year, another 365 days of wonder, amazement, fun and creativity ahead.  Let’s enjoy the experience, the art and our friendships going forward!