First Anniversary Party update!

Oyster Bay 1st Anniversary PartyThe remodel of Oyster Bay is just about done…the sculptures and other artwork are just about all in place…now it’s time to party!

I’m thrilled to announce that Oyster Bay will host two of its closest musical friends to celebrate its first anniversary!

DJ Doubledown Tandino played the North American grand opening event on 10 January 2007. (DJ Dena Dana played the European grand opening – and I hope to offer some European programming in the not-too-distant future) Over the last year, DD has gone from being the “DJ of choice” for the art scene to being the “DJ of choice” – PERIOD. He’s played corporate parties, raves…and a BUNCH of Oyster Bay parties and events over the past year. Perhaps most memorably, he opened the original Second Arts Photography as well as the Black Tie and Blues party to celebrate the release of Kronos Kirkorian’s Oyster Bay machinima. And he’s playing Oyster Bay’s First Anniversary event on the 10th at 6PM SLT.

DD’s in the middle of his “Quirk” tour, where he’s playing his own original sounds live from combinations of electronic samples and beats. He opened the tour at the grand opening of the Second Arts Photography gallery to rave reviews from the lucky folks who were able to make it into the sim. (Oh yeah, we’ve changed the live music venue location so it straddles the Oyster and Shepherd sims…meaning that theoretically 80 avatars can join in the fun!) I can’t wait to see what he’s offering as he approaches the halfway point in the tour.

Komuso Tokugawa ArtTalk 2007At 7PM, Doubledown will step aside as the SL sensei of blues, Komuso Tokugawa, takes the stage for an hour of boogie blues! Komuso played the first live music performance at Oyster Bay, starting a grand tradition of merging aural and visual arts. And that performance stands as the only live music ever played down at the bottom of Oyster Bay…he played with the fish and the shark!

In addition to other memorable Oyster Bay events like headlining the Black Tie and Blues party (for which he also contributed an ambient music soundtrack to Kronos’ machinima, rennaissance man that he is!), Komuso also is the only musical artist to conduct an Oyster Bay ArtTalk session (see right). He shared his incredible, world-spanning background, a little ambient, and a little blues as well while talking about the challenges and opportunities of being a live musician in a virtual world.

Simply put, I can not think of two artists who better represent the Oyster Bay ideals of quality over quantity. That we have both of these two performing for us in one evening is just incredible. Please join us!