Second Arts “Meet Our Artisans” – What fun!

SL photo art by Second Arts exhibitor Sunn Thunders

The Second Arts “Meet Our Artisans”party last night was a roaring success, as the
Shepherd sim quickly filled and everyone had a great time dancing to Doubledown Tandino’s original electronic compositions and admiring the art of six great SL photo artists (and me – figure it out).

Second Arts co-owner Isolde Flamand offers her own recap on her blog.

What a great evening!

SL photography by Second Arts' Isolde Flamand

Finny’s Back!

After a long drought, I reconnected with Finny Yates – SL’s great avatar morph artist (not to mention excellent RL artist…). She says that she’s working on 3D morphs – which I can’t wait to see! Great to see you again, Finny!
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