Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone – Just a quick note to let you know that I’ll be indulging my RL self for a few days and spending time with family through the weekend and the Christmas holiday. Enjoy your holidays, too – and I’ll likely check back in on/after the 26th!

MoShang Zhao LIVE at Oyster Bay

The pixels are a-gyrating as MoShang plays his Chinese Chill for the masses. Wonderful world music, electronic layers with Asian influences…
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“Academia, Artists and Thinkers: The True Power of SL”

Yeah, I’ll buy that.

I’ll suggest that anyone interested in the meta-issues of Second Life – especially the preoccupation with corporate co-opting of SL – take a look at this post.

Anyone who saw how Rezzable had to back down from their ridiculous, original artist agreement at The Cannery under the weight of opinion from a handful of SL artists knows that the corporate types are still playing in our sandbox, not vice versa.

SL sculptors: A huge “Who knew?” from Sasun Steinbeck

I got this tidbit from SL Art Gallery Owners group leader (and scripted sculpture creator) Sasun Steinbeck:

[19:43]  Sasun Steinbeck: I learned something interesting
[19:43]  Morris Vig: ??
[19:43]  Sasun Steinbeck: objects can be laggy
[19:43]  Sasun Steinbeck: unless they are phantom
[19:43]  Sasun Steinbeck: then your client doesn’t need to do collision detection
[19:43]  Morris Vig: oh now that’s interesting
[19:43]  Sasun Steinbeck: yeah!
[19:43]  Morris Vig makes a note
[19:43]  Sasun Steinbeck: you can’t bonk into a phantom object

So there you have it.  Unless you’re building something that requires physical definition (and that would generally NOT include sculptures), save a sim – make it “phantom”!

Oyster Bay’s 2007 Christmas Greeting

“Just a little” bigger than a Christmas card…I probably should have scaled it down a little…but it was a fun project for the evening.

Not only is it on display on the Oyster Bay waterfront – I hand-delivered it to everyone on my friends list and also distributed it to the legion of Oyster Bay afficionados!

Call it prim spam if you want, but that’s the only time all year that I’ve done that…and it’s important to express your gratitude, appreciation and love to your friends at least once a year. I hope folks like it!
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MoShang Zhao at Winterland

MoShang’s “Chinese Chill” is just incredible…I love to use the term, “Dance Music for Grown-ups,” and it’s really true. There’s an undeniable beat with an extra layer of sophistication to it that makes his performance much more than pop.

MoShang’s going to play Oyster Bay this week – Wednesday at 6PM SLT. Hope you can come see! He offers up a great show with lots of interaction with his audience.
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Special machinima Christmas gift from Cheen & Kronos

At the base of the Oyster Bay Christmas tree – the new Kronos Kirkorian machinima about Cheen Pitney’s “Water is Life.” It’s a powerful statement about the role of water in our lives and our world…and how we also abuse this precious resource. Kudos to Cheen for the build, and to Kronos for the machinima!
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