Great chill music – with an SL twist!

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit of a fan of MoShang Zhao and his Chinese Chill style of music.  I’ve found that a great way to find good new music if by checking out the links offered by artists I like, so I mined his links and found Anji Bee and Lovespirals!

Anji is a big-time SL podcaster apparently, and one VERY tuned in to the “chill” music scene.  If you’re interested in exploring this great genre of music, check out her site and listen to a podcast or two.  And — wouldn’t you know — Anji and her Lovespirals partner, Ryan, have performed inworld!

One of these days, we’ll get them to play Oyster Bay.  Until then, there are the podcasts, MP3’s and CDs.

Go check this band out!

One Response

  1. sorry to hear you missed our one and only second life show! it was a special event to celebrate the release of our 3rd album, ‘long way from home.’ we had a listening party on the day of release, october 23rd, 2007, and then did the live show that weekend. it was a big event put on by podshow island. the coolest part was that it was also simulcast as an audio feed, so we had about 800 people listening all at once!

    now the good news is that you can still hear the audio of the show because we uploaded it as a special episode of our band podcast, chillin’ with lovespirals! so check out lovespirals’ acoustic concert in second life. oh! and there’s also a fan shot video of one song from the show you can see. check out “walk away” live in sl on youtube.

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