Great chill music – with an SL twist!

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit of a fan of MoShang Zhao and his Chinese Chill style of music.  I’ve found that a great way to find good new music if by checking out the links offered by artists I like, so I mined his links and found Anji Bee and Lovespirals!

Anji is a big-time SL podcaster apparently, and one VERY tuned in to the “chill” music scene.  If you’re interested in exploring this great genre of music, check out her site and listen to a podcast or two.  And — wouldn’t you know — Anji and her Lovespirals partner, Ryan, have performed inworld!

One of these days, we’ll get them to play Oyster Bay.  Until then, there are the podcasts, MP3’s and CDs.

Go check this band out!

The view from up here

With all that’s been alluded to, I suppose I’d best share a little of the excitement to come at Oyster Bay. So let me get positioned, and I’ll pull the curtain back for you…

There, that’s better! Why don’t you jump into “Moresville” for the scoop?

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I finished the walkway and waterfall at the new Second Arts – did some landscaping, too – so it was time to play!
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