SL sculptors: A huge “Who knew?” from Sasun Steinbeck

I got this tidbit from SL Art Gallery Owners group leader (and scripted sculpture creator) Sasun Steinbeck:

[19:43]  Sasun Steinbeck: I learned something interesting
[19:43]  Morris Vig: ??
[19:43]  Sasun Steinbeck: objects can be laggy
[19:43]  Sasun Steinbeck: unless they are phantom
[19:43]  Sasun Steinbeck: then your client doesn’t need to do collision detection
[19:43]  Morris Vig: oh now that’s interesting
[19:43]  Sasun Steinbeck: yeah!
[19:43]  Morris Vig makes a note
[19:43]  Sasun Steinbeck: you can’t bonk into a phantom object

So there you have it.  Unless you’re building something that requires physical definition (and that would generally NOT include sculptures), save a sim – make it “phantom”!