“TAGGED!” – 8 random facts about me

Having been tagged by Cheen Pitney, Bettina Tizzy and Cyanide Seelowe, I guess I can’t hide from the blog trend of saying 8 random facts about yourself. So here we go…but I’m going to stick with Second Life as opposed to talking about my “Real Life.” In all honesty, my Second Life is much more interesting!

  1. I have 3 “alts.” One is a purple furry…he’s my accountant. One is my work alt (yeah, I have a little RL vocational bleedover…but not as much as I’d like). The other is my “peace and quiet” alt. Why 3? Because I don’t have 4…
  2. I blew off Orientation Island when I rezzed inworld over a year ago. And I don’t regret it.
  3. I won’t even acknowledge unsolicited teleport requests with a reply. In my opinion, that’s the height of SL rudeness.
  4. Perhaps my favorite HUD is the EmoterHUD. It’s a freebie, but it can make for entire minutes of fun as the user makes his/her avatar actually have something resembling human expressions. Case in point:
  5. I feel inferior to nearly all of the SL sculpture artists, photographers and machinimists with whom I interact, making my role as a “gallery” owner kinda interesting. I mean, the artisans are the creative ones. I just own land.
  6. I read SL men’s style blogs. A lot. Like embarassingly so.
  7. Speaking of blogs, I use NetVibes to track 86 SL-related blogs at last count. And that number grows by one or two every week. Yow!
  8. I use Skype and Google Talk to talk with close friends quite a bit while I’m inworld, but I rarely use SL voice.

Whew! Made it! Now I have to choose 8 people to “tag,” so they have to offer their 8 random facts. That means you’re up, Charlot Dickins, elros Tuominen, MoShang Zhao, Daedalus Young, Sasun Steinbeck, Joeru Pugilist, PleaseWakeMeUp Idler and Finny Yates. If any of you 8 want to offer your 8 random facts on my blog, please feel free to post them as comments for this blog entry and I’ll point them out with direct links. Heck, enough people have been tagged that I’ll be happy to host anyone who needs a place to post their 8 random facts.

If you’re interested in the 8 random facts of some other friends of Oyster Bay, check out: Isolde Flamand, Sunn Thunders and Spaceman Opus. Don’t forget Bettina Tizzy and Cyanide Seelowe at the top.

4 Responses

  1. Yeah Hosting! I will do my part to answer but love my fellow residents too much to tag in return.
    1. 80% of my second life is spent in the same spot, a sandbox known as Harbinger’s Haven.
    2. I am without true form. The only skin I have is from the last avatar I made where you could actually see my skin, a scaly green. I lost my original body shape so lack any true form just what fit under my current avi.
    3. I often cook entire meals while still logged on, alternating stirring my sauces with wiggling my mouse.
    4. I used to drink in excess of 5 quad shot mochas a day, I am down to a single pot of coffee a day now.
    5. I engage in SL during the school year to keep myself from distracting my wife as she studies, so my level of production is a measure of her scholastic diligence.
    6. I didn’t pass kindergarten the first time because according to the teacher I was “off in my own little world”. Next year I was moved to a class for advance students for presumably the same reason.
    7. I often make up stories while I’m building about what I’m building. Don’t ask me to repeat them as I forget them just as fast.
    8. My name in SL was an adaptation of my name in the only online game I’ve ever played Kingdom of loathing. A satirical game about other fantasy games entirely illustrated with stick figure quality drawings. The closest option to my name was Cosmos because it started with C so madcowchef became madcow Cosmos. You can call me energy if you like I am m c^2 after all.

  2. Crap – the mochas reminded me of a random fact that I meant to add:

    Cherry Coke Zero. Beverage of SL champions. Can’t live without the stuff.


  3. I”ve been tagged by Morris, so here’s my 8 RF’s (Random Facts!)

    1) My favorite food in the world is cabbage. So much so that I even have a fake french name and a jingle I wrote to sing to people when i start to steal the cabbage off their plates.
    2) I had to leave SL recently. Some of you may have noticed me missing. I”m better now and I’ll be back more frequently soon.
    3) I was truly breathless when Starax said he’d make me a SIM sized paddle (he probably doesn’t remember saying that)
    4) My Last name YATES is drawn upon a family name in Scotland
    5) Of my male friends, Morris VIG is one true gentleman
    6) Finny is my real name
    7) I love the color orange as much as I love some people
    8) I think Doug Story has the most beautiful photographs of flowers that I have ever seen, SL or RL.

  4. I’ve got my facts up at http://young-media.blogspot.com/2007/12/tagged.html and even managed to find 2 more people!
    I think all *real* people in SL have been tagged by now. We can try tagging camping bots, but the 8 facts probably come down to “Does not compute”, “No disassemble, number 5 is alive” or “I’ll post facts if I get L$10 per fact”.

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