Profound post alert (READ: A great read)

Among my 86 SL blogs is the Electric Sheep Company’s “PrimDig.”  I usually cringe when I read their rose-colored views on why RL companies should spend lots of money on Second Life and expect little in return.  However, I think it’s important to see what the other side has to say, so I dutifully check in.

My patience was rewarded.

One of their authors is being faced with having to take a favorite SL build (in this case, AOL Pointe) down and ponders what that means.  Even if you couldn’t care less about RL company builds (/me raises his hand), the notions of permanence in Second Life come out for all to consider:

It’s possible that the history of virtual worlds will echo that of the real world, although sped up a hundred, a thousand fold. There will likely always be new projects and buildings on the horizon, to look forward to with drooling anticipation, and the sunrise of other virtual worlds already seems full of promise. But sunrise over a new project is always tinged with that ephemeral feeling of what will be, and how long will it last, and will anyone remember when?

Lots to think about.  And it plays into my core questions about SL history and who really is cataloguing this amazing moment in the history of the 3D web.

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