RL media takes notice of SL art scene

Check out this article from The Guardian (London, UK).  The author seems to get it right:

When the net art phenomena began in the 1990s, many were quick to herald it as a subversive forum where artists could showcase their art uninhibited by political, social or cultural constraints and without the endorsement of an institution. Second Life, with its utopian philosophy, seems to be at the heart of this.

Clearly you all know that I don’t think that Second Life should live for RL exposure and acceptance.  (We’re doing just fine without any RL love, thank you.)  But I will admit that it is nice to see some recognition of the arts scene, which I’ll venture to guess is one of the most dynamic cultures in Second Life.

And coverage like this sure beats the endless drumbeat of “[Insert RL Corporation Here] launches SL presence” articles.  I mean, Coffee-Mate?  Give me a break.

One Response

  1. That’s it, I’m launching my equally pointless independent roasting company in a virtual world where you can’t grow roast or drink coffee. I won’t be pushed out of imaginary markets by “THE MAN”.

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