Isolde Flamand’s “Best of SL Art 2007” photo recap

As I was tied up on my laptop and unable to take any worthwhile photos, Isolde Flamand was kind enough to take a few fantastic photos, which really appear to be portraits more than snapshots.  (Also speaks to the quality of avatar appearance…especially skins and hair.  I guess the SL art community takes personal appearance seriously!)

Let’s lead off with the organizers of this whole program, Enniv Zarf and Cyanide Seelowe.  Enniv performed some free-form piano immediately following as the crowd mingled.

Many more photos after the fold…

SL sculpture philanthropist Jurin Juran, who has perhaps the best open sculpture garden in SL:

Jordan*s Jewelry owner and “Best of SL Art” finalist Jordan Morgenrote for her great gallery, the Skyline Art Experience at the Artisan Gallerias:

Jordan’s friend, Randy DeVinna:

SL photographer extraordinaire Calligyptian Christensen, the highest-ranked non-sculptor in the “Creative Arts” category:

Nominee Rezago Kokorin and SL fashionista Rose Farina:

Winner of “Most Influential Patron, Collector, Curator &/or Volunteer,” Sasun Steinbeck!  How deserving!

The REAL “Most Influential Venue & Owner” winner in my book, Tayzia Abattoir with her friend, Larry Pixel:

“Creative Arts” nominee Sunn Thunders (who also created the Ruthsters!):

…and yours truly:

Quite an event.  It really resembled a family reunion, as we all don’t come together that often in one place at one time.

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