WindLight bug report: Underwater

Surely, the gurus of WindLight can’t have planned for this to happen to an underwater build:

No colors? No textures? Just BLACK until you put your nose up to the object? And why does the object light emission work and the object stay BLACK?

I tried using the new WindLight “glow” feature on some objects, and they just got all “Renderglow” fuzzy. What we need is clear colors and textures…all the way to the bottom of the ocean. Otherwise, underwater builds will be rendered useless beyond their value as prim farms.

I’ll post this on the SL Jira – but I thought that the arts community might want to pipe in as well.

3 Responses

  1. It’s a problem yes, I went to The Abyss yesterday, it all looked great, but when I went to the ocean floor, everything was pitch black. And not just objects, I could barely make out my own av, everything was black. Luckily I noticed Rezago there, he tipped me to turn down the “Water Fog” setting in the Environment Editor.

    Good news is this came up durin today’s WindLight Office Hour, they’re thinking about adding an extra Water Fog slider, so you have one for how the water looks from above it and one for how it looks below the surface.

  2. The problem I have is that I can not run opengl 2.0 and the shader bars are not available to me.
    If the default water fog number could be set to 1 or zero instead of 4, then those of us with weaker cards will be able to see underwater. Those who have opengl 2.0 and can use the slider will still be able to adjust there stiings how they want.

  3. The underwater settings are a problem. It looks amazing from the surface but the view underwater tends to be either too clear or too cloudy.

    I didn’t see the underwater objects as black. Different settings and hardware no doubt. That brings up the other problem of everyone seeing things very differently. The underwater areas of SL were built with particular looks in mind, taking into account how things are seen underwater. How do you provide people with a common experience? I was pondering this and getting rather concerned. According to the comments Torley Linden made in his Windlight video ( ) there are plans to make the custom environmental settings shareable, just like objects in inventory. If that’s the case then you can create a look for your area and offer it as a recommended setting.

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