“SL art mafia”?

You gotta be kidding me.

10 Responses

  1. Me and Vinny “Knuckles” Mantino are gonna go to the sandboxes and rough up some budding artists ya wanna come Morris? Or are you too busy collecting that high price you charge artists to display in Oyster?

  2. HAHAHAH “mafia”. That’s the best art quote of the year. And oh, Morris, all of your artists are apparently “stupid” for wanting to display at a gallery where the owners and curators work very hard to attract traffic to their gallery by sponsoring events and marketing the gallery. Zero seems to be under the odd impression that the dozens of announcements posted on the Art & Artist Network are made by the same people over and over. Of course the reality is that they can be made by any member, MANY of whom I’ve never seen before. This comparison to an organized “mafia” is absolutely laughable. The truth is that we are WAY not organized to pull something like that off LOL! Also, does anyone have a release date for “When web 2.0 comes out”? Wow can’t wait :p

  3. Well, if you don’t come to Events and galleries of the SL art scene, you’re not going to get recognized, simply because you’re not ever known. I joined SL less than a year ago and I do feel part of the art scene. And all I did for that was attend Events (which I was interested in anyway, so no problem), comment on blogs (interested in too), put Snaps on Snapzilla, rent a shop (though I don’t see that as a necessary step) for a very good price (of course I have a discount for being one of the first renters). In other words, just getting involved.

  4. Heh, its a good Zero idea!!
    Art mafia: Wise guys, lots of money, cars, women and fun…
    I can see Morris as a Godfather 🙂
    The new blog is great, clear, open, easy to read.
    (Godfathers are known to use only the best…).
    Bravo Morris.
    heh, Zero, you should come for a walk…

  5. Zero , and others can be quite justified at times, there is an element in sl of controlling art people, seems personality is one area no one should comment on?? in regards to what art is produced, I found Zero, an encouraging, community minded Artist of merit….so what if he has a big mouth, at least he can now use it , The Family did him a favour sending Knuckles and Bobo around …freedom of speach, art, music is for all not just the tossers that think they are the greatest

  6. BANNED for an open chat..that move is really exluding good people, and cutting off resources..knowing the majority of people send notices through there, I defended a new guy and was instantly banned, I used to see alot of others doing worse and getting away with it..mean spirited bunch..and now having to go out of world to a web site to find a moderator and submit to join…PLEASE !!!!!! whats more annoying a simple comment or 10 trillion notices going off in your face while you work?????????????????????????????? how petty

  7. Nicci – Your first comment made a lot more sense than your second. No one banned you here.

    As for Zero, he’s a nice guy. I hosted a 2 week show where he and Sylver had 1/2 of my gallery filled with their works. It was fun. Now I show some other people’s work.

    Art is a subjective thing – you gravitate toward what you like. I suppose that’s influenced by who you like…but I’ve never really thought of it that way. As an art venue owner, I can tell you that I have PLENTY of people who want to display at my place. There’s no way I could show them all. C’est la vie, I guess.

  8. Morris: Two weeks….er nope it was just under two months. And it did really well, least in my pocket.

  9. “Without free speech no search for truth is possible… no discovery of truth is useful… Better a thousandfold abuse of free speech than denial of free speech. The abuse dies in a day, but the denial slays the life of the people, and entombs the hope of the race.”
    Charles BRADLAUGH
    British social reformer (1833-1891)

    The column “Art Lives” is open to all the opinions without censorship. Your opinion is also accepted and you are invited to express it in an interview at your earliest convenience.

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