SL resident photos of the First Nations Dancers

I really don’t like to toss out the SL group notice spam, but works like Cheen Pitney’s latest collection deserves attention. Apparently so, as people are sending me their own SL photographic interpretations of this collection.

Jordan Morgenrote took this piece (and the one immediately after the fold), which was lightly Photoshopped to accent the wonderful lines of these pieces:

First Nations Dancers series (Photoshopped), photo by Jordan Morgenrote

First Nations Dancers series, photographed by Jordan Morgenrote

There are a couple more where I need to get owner permissions to copy them to my hard drive. As more photos come in, I’ll post them here.

Oh, what the heck. Here are a couple more that I took, this time with RenderGlow turned on:

It isn’t Windlight, but that Torley remains such a Windlight Tease….

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