Photoessay: Dancing amongst the sculptures

It was a slow Friday night, and I was enjoying the new First Nations Dancers pieces from Cheen Pitney. The pieces really grabbed me, and my little pixellated avi was drawn to join in the dance with those towering pieces.

One thing led to another, and this admittedly self-indulgent photoessay of my journey around the sculptures of Oyster Bay resulted. There’s a sense of joy and freedom of being able to interact with the art in such a way – I encourage everyone to find such joy and fun in their SL experiences!

I’m living it up with sandhya2 Patel’s blue faeries…

Getting down with Cheen’s Eagle in Flight…

That’s not to say that such fun can’t be artistically interesting. Case in point: This shot of me with Zulqadi Saarinen’s The Ascension…

SL sculpture can offer a literal platform for dancing, like Sunn Thunders’ Ruthsters!

And I wound up my time with Charlot Dickins’ incredible new sculptie piece, A Boxer Feeling Blue…

What a fun little trip. If anyone else wants to share their experiences around Second Life art, post the pics on Snapzilla and let me know!

One Response

  1. Lemme know where I can get some of that peyote. Looks like a lot of fun! Sweat lodges and vision quests, now at Oyster Bay! It’s the only place your inner child becomes an ALT AV

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