Two new “sculptie” sculptures at Oyster Bay

When it rains, it pours! Two GREAT new sculptie pieces arrived at Oyster Bay today.

First was “The Ascent” by Pumpkin Tripsa. The Oyster Bay aquatic theme shines through…

Then Charlot Dickins new piece, “A Boxer Feeling Blue”:

When sculpties came onto the scene, there was speculation that they would revolutionize SL sculpture art. It didn’t happen immediately, largely because there’s a learning curve when designing sculpties. That led many to think that sculpties were all hype.

I’m not so sure about that now. Looks to me like sculpties have come into the mix. Come check these great pieces out!

[UPDATE: Read Daedalus Young’s comment on this topic…it’s a great one.]

One Response

  1. Sculpties of course aren’t as easy to use as regular prims. Sure there are tools as Rokuro, PloppSL and Sculptypaint, but I don’t think you can make “A Boxer Feeling Blue” with those. It requires proper knowledge of more powerful 3D software, such as Maya or Blender, and requires a good amount of planning and brainwork to get it right. Therefor sculpties are a lot less used in such great pieces.
    We already knew Pumpkin Tripsa’s Sculpty-award winning Diana the Huntress, but also the sculpties at the Rezzable regions show that when they’re used well, and the texturing is done well, the results are amazing. 😀

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