Machinima: MoShang Zhao @ Terra Incognita

For those who have not heard MoShang Zhao‘s “dance music for grownups,” here’s a machinima of the Sound Jeweler’s recent live show in the Australian Terra Incognita sim. For a slightly better video quality, try this link. It’s one of the best “live music” machinimas that I’ve seen.

We don’t have MoShang on the upcoming calendar at Oyster Bay (Heck, we don’t have anyone on the upcoming performance calendar! I must be slacking!), but he plays a few times a week all over Second Life. I’d suggest looking him up in the upcoming events.

He is, of course, welcome back to Oyster Bay at any time…so perhaps it’s time to bring our Taiwanese friend back for another performance…

2 Responses

  1. Intriguing work! I’d enjoy hearing more of his music. It’s not quite like anything I’ve heard – somewhere midway between JMJ’s China concerts and full-out drum & bass. Folk DnB? ^_^

    (BTW, the second link, with the better quality video, is missing)

  2. Thanks, Porsupah! Don’t miss the downloads (many under GNU Public License) on MoShang’s site.

    I fixed the second link, too. I appreciate the heads up.

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