Happy Rez Day – Rezago Kokorin!

One of SL’s truly great kinetic sculptors (and collaborator with Sunn Thunders on The Abyss) celebrates another trip around the sun….errr….grid today.  While I sadly couldn’t locate a SL snapshot of Rez on short notice, I DID find these examples of his SL sculpture art…so enjoy that, and wish him the best!

15,000 page views

Yup – Second Arts hit that milestone yesterday. Candidly, the Lauk’s Nest issue took off and readership on the blog has been substantially up since that point.

Thanks to all who read this humble little blog – I hope you find it worth your time!

Taking a couple of days

I’m about an hour and a half away from stepping on a plane for a brief vacation…so I thought I’d leave all of you with a warm memory – a nice shot of the Oyster Bay waterfront:

I’m taking a laptop and hope to jump inworld for a few minutes here and there, but RL comes first. I’ll see you all when I get back (late Sunday night)!

Madcow Cosmos’ latest

“Mechanical Atlas” – out on the waterfront stage at Oyster Bay:

It’s a really sharp piece – one that has Madcow showing off his skill in building an actual humanoid form!   Come check it out.