The strange, strange world of Second Life art venue management

Some folks just don’t get it. Exhibit A, posted this week in SL’s Art & Artist Network group (really, it was):

Wanted new eager artists to display in an established gallery. Tempermental and complacent artists need not apply. Gallery owning artists will not be accepted for exhibit. Please IM [redacted] for an interview. No agents.

Classic. I really laughed at that one.

I mean, I don’t care for agents any more than the next owner. But excluding the “tempermental” and “complacent”? I’m just envisioning some artist looking at it and saying, “Man, I’d LOVE to show there, but I’m just too tempermental!” Or, perhaps, “I’m just too complacent for that place….”

As for the exclusion of gallery owning-artists, it looks like someone’s looking to set up a bunch of co-dependent relationships. Good luck to you!

Personally, I prefer more professional, adult relationships with my artists. But that’s just me.

2 Responses

  1. professional? adult? what are you *thinking* Morris?

    I giggled a tad when I saw that notice as well… and it makes me a little sad to see my peers isolating themselves like that.

    Or is that me being too temperamental?

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