October 2007: Doubledown Tandino’s month to shine

Photo by Phinn Boffin

Dang…DD takes up island life in RL, drops out of SL for a couple weeks during the relocation, and then gets showered with accolades:

All that was punctuated by his return show, which featured the best promotional sign I’ve ever seen:

What an incredible month!  Congrats, DD!

Selections of SL sculpture photography

Lions, taken by Pyter Morgridge:

Nomasha Syaka’s “Mancowapple”, taken by Second Arts photographer Callipygian Christensen:

Starax Statosky’s “The Rivals,” taken by the ubiquitous Daedalus Young:

Imagine a world without megaprims

Douglas Story does, and he shows us everything that would not have been created.

Here’s a link to the original Linden Lab post on the issue.  Seems like there’s an underlying reason to beat up on megaprims.  Is there some fundamental incompatibility with a forthcoming build (the Havok 4 physics engine, as some may suggest)?  Or is it a bait and switch, as the Lindens look to pull some other bizarre move like the “slip one past the goalie” European Value Added Tax policy?

Sorry, Linden Lab, you’ve done nothing to inspire confidence in recent memory.  You have offered fodder for some darkly funny blog posts, though – like this one.

By the way, I use a megaprim on the new waterfront stage at Oyster Bay.  1 prim, 1 terrific venue.  Hope it can stick around.