The Babbage Halloween Festival & Parade

Babbage Halloween Parade signI promised an update on Madcow’s forthcoming Babbage Halloween Festival, and here it is!

Upon teleporting me to his steampunk lab site in the Port Babbage sim, Madcow said that the creativity unleashed in this parade is not unlike the incredible Oyster Bay Balloon Festival. And when MADCOW COSMOS says that, WATCH OUT!

You see, Madcow Cosmos has constructed a fleet of “Madcow” parade floats for the viewing audience’s enjoyment. He gave me a sneak preview (along with art patron Jurin Juran, who was showing off her new monkey avatar), and let’s allow the pictures to tell most of the stories!

Now, the “avatar floats” – you WEAR these in place of your skin, hair, etc. and move them around like they are you! Most of them have many moving parts as well.  What fun!

MANY more after the fold…

And Madcow’s personal avatar float:

Looks like Madcow’s giving a number of these floats out for free – come grab copies for yourself!

Here are the standard-bearers about which I blogged earlier – two distinct structures, attached to one avatar so they move in synch with each other:

And lastly, The Punkin King – Madcow’s latest towering “sculpture” creation:

It’s going to be a wild Saturday in the Babbage sims.  Go enjoy the parade!

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