Wednesday: CYLINDRIAN comes to Oyster Bay!

Oyster Bay, courtesy of Jordan*s Jewelry, is excited to bring you SL favorite Cylindrian Rutabaga on Wednesday night!

Cylindrian Rutabaga is Grace Buford, Atlanta Singer/Songwriter Soulful folk rock music performed on acoustic guitar or piano combines with powerfully delivered and heartfelt lyrics to create a unique sound. Grace Buford’s live performances take listeners on an emotional ride through her own life experiences and those who’ve influenced her.

Cylindrian performs around the grid of Second Life. You can subscribe to her Google Calendar by going to: Select the SCHEDULE page and click on the Google Calendar Button to subscribe.

Visit her home parcel on Artropolis to purchase Digitally Downloadable music via SecondTunes, check out her latest gigs, or just to hang out on the beautiful Art-Centric Sim:

When I started getting into the SL music scene, there were 2 artists referred to me as being “the best” in Second Life. One was Komuso Tokugawa, he of the many Oyster Bay shows, ArtTalks, etc. The other was Cylindrian, who will be playing at Oyster Bay for the first time.

This show is really exciting, and I’m so fortunate that Jordan Morgenrote wanted to bring Cylindrian HERE. Please join us!

More on Light Waves, Starax and Rezzable

Kudos to Onder Skall for such a great piece.

And now I get to show off another cool snapshot from Rezzable’s Hallucinogen sim:

Origin Rang show 2 photo roundup

The Origin Rang concert brought out the best in photography, as the following web-hosted photo albums show:

Jordan Morgenrote’s album

Kronos Kirkorian’s album

Torley Linden’s WindLight-snapped album

Enjoy them!