Origin Rang Recap

Playing to a packed house once again, Origin Rang once again delighted and astounded the crowd at Oyster Bay. The new stage on the water at Oyster Bay proved exactly the right environment for a two hour concert of classics.


(Photo by Daedalus Young) Twenty minutes to showtime and the area already had 31 in attendance–by the time the show started, Oyster was full, and Shepherd was collecting the overflow. Determined concert-goers were soon hovering on the sim line, waiting for a chance to join the main crowd listening.

Once the concert started, all chatter stopped as we listened intently–those who have heard Origin play know that at this point, no words come to mind, and indeed aren’t really necessary.

The following photos give an idea of the mood of the evening. (photos by Torley Olmstead)

Hmmmm, windlight photos by Torley…………..interesting…….:-)

At one point I found to my surprise that there were 42 in Oyster and another 17 in Shepherd. I made a comment about that and Breeze Winfield assured me that she got in by swimming over from Shepherd……

Anyway, it was a wonderful evening, with phenomemal music, and a great crowd. I’ll leave you with this last photo from Daedalus Young.

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  1. It is unfortunate that sometimes we don’t listen closely to that we most admire. Perhaps we do take too much for granted. I prefer to think that we, as a collective group, are sometimes too trusting. We assume everyone is playing by the same rules. I ask everyone to be good listeners and consumers of fine music. There are many tremendous artists in Second Life. Let us applaud those who perform with years of training and expertise behind their music

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