Lindens offer as much of a mea culpa as we’ll probably ever see

Ginsu (Linden?), a name unfamiliar to me, offers “Lights on at the Lab.” This post on the official Linden Lab Second Life blog is about as close as we’ll come to a public apology for the ham-handedness with which the company has handled a host of policy and service questions.

Ginsu, your apology is accepted. Just in case this blog has not been abundantly clear in its expression of the outpouring of European dissatisfaction with how your employer handled the rollout of the Euro Value Added Tax, let’s be real clear for you guys:

THINK. Think some more. Then act.

It ain’t rocket science. It’s good customer service, and your company has not done the best job in this area. Some would say it’s lousy. And we really don’t care if you’re a public company or a private company.  You’re taking our money, and we expect professional service and communications.  Please make continuous improvement in this area a top priority.

Apologies only work for so long. Eventually, you have to start fixing the problems.

(I’ll have more to say about the Linden/VAT policy-inspired Lauk’s Nest issue in the days ahead…I’m still trying to collect my thoughts.)